This Is Going to Hurt: A Very Intelligent Drama With A Lot Of Heart

This Is Going to Hurt: A Very Intelligent Drama With A Lot Of Heart

Based on Adam Kay's novel of the same name, the new BBC drama This Is Going to Hurt follows Kay's experiences working as a doctor on an OB/GYN ward in the NHS. The series premiered on February 8, with seven episodes available to binge on iPlayer or you can watch the series as it airs its episodes weekly every Tuesday. The series stars Ben Whishaw as Adam Kay, who has given an amazing performance and made the audience really feel for the self-loathing doctor and protagonist. The series also stars Ambika Mode as Shruti, Rory Fleck Byrne as Harry, Michelle Austin as Tracy, and Harriet Walter as Kay's mother Veronique.

This Going to Hurt is one of the best shows this year owing to its stellar cast and amazing storytelling. The series doesn't make too much effort to defend its main character, but it also convinces us that he is a human being with flaws and working in a broken system with a lot of pressure to fix everything all the time. is, which is not possible. He clearly makes mistakes, some innocent and some not so much but at the end of the day, a lot of things go out of his hands because he has tried everything possible. It seems that the character has always connected with the audience, and this may be due to the breakdown of the fourth wall, which makes us feel that we know the character more than the people around him.

This Is Going to Hurt: A Very Intelligent Drama With A Lot Of Heart

While Viswa has done a splendid job, the series must have an exceptional performance from Mod who plays Shruti. Shruti's character begins as a wide-eyed student doctor who begins to feel the pressures of the job, due to unhelpful and inconsistent colleagues and the never-ending tragedy and pressure of the NHS. The character always makes us feel that whatever happens now, everything will be alright in the end, and that is why when Shruti takes her own life in the sixth episode it is such a visceral punch and shocking, to say the least. We all don't even see the people around in her mourning as the seventh episode begins with a two-month time jump.

The series ends with Adam trying to decide whether he should leave the medical career for good and let Harry try to lead a happy life, but he can't let go of the feeling that he has to face all the pressure. And it has to do with bodily fluids. flying over him. The series also makes it clear that if you choose to be a doctor in the NHS, there is a very high chance that you will not have time for anything else in your life, and when you are turned down as Adam series, there is an absolute possibility that you will mess up your every relationship. While the series ends on a somewhat positive note, it certainly doesn't wash away the tragedies that happened along the way and they're clearly still weighing heavily on Adam. So, let's see what happens, the producers following the real story of Adam Kay will have him leave the profession in 2010 and start writing novels or they will go the other way and keep the series a medical/human drama.

This Going to Hurt Season 2 hasn't been renewed yet, but due to the positive reviews there's a strong chance it will get renewed and we might get to see Adam again.

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